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This is something that will become very hard if you are broke but if you are making some money it may be easier.

The reason why I say this is because most of them might not find you interesting if you just bring a nice face and body to the table.

This is a different approach but do not stalk them.

There are some guys out there that are flat broke but wear expensive clothing to give off an image like they have money to spend.

This is some times a technique they use to attract women.

They might need to spend some quality time with you in order for them to like you and you will not get that far unless you can impress them.

I think the easiest method for doing this is by doing some research on them and then trying to send them something.

Let us face it, women do not like broke men and men who are not independent.

Sometimes the whole point with getting someone to like you is by showing them that you are independent and do not need them.

You can walk up to them and ask for there number but sometimes they might be a busy person and it might not work.The other way is to send them a letter by finding out where they work or asking someone to give it to them if they are close by.


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