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Dattilo and his wife of three years, Liz Cameron, welcomed their first child together on June 11.Little Delila Cameron Dattilo arrived just before 3 am., with Bryan having to report to work on the set of Days just 4 hours later!Currently the stem cells are being used in transplants and for the treatment of more than 80 diseases including certain cancers, anemia, and Leukemia.The cells are also a perfect match for baby should she need it sometime in the future.'And one of the prime uses for stem cells is to help treat Lymphoma or Leukemia.And Delila has grandfathers on both sides who have those illnesses.But I’m afraid I’m going to be putty in the hands of a little girl.

The stem cells also know how to ‘find,’ injured cells and repair them.'Luckily my baby daughter was born at a hospital very close to work so all I had to do was show up with a smile on my face, and the make - up people took care of the circles under my eyes,' he tells Mail Online in an exclusive interview.'First I think it’s going to be different parenting a little girl compared to being the father of a boy,' Dattilo tells Mail Online.'I want Gabe to grow up to be a strong man, so sometimes I think I am a bit hard on him.I’d love to coach Delila too, and am hoping she will be interested in tennis, soccer or softball.

But I will be just as happy sitting in the front row watching her first dance recital. ''We did a lot of research into banking cord blood,' says Dattilo.

'Of course I want both of them to do whatever makes them happy,' he says.



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