David beckham dating

David Beckham's perfect face stirred up a New York City crowd so much, a security guard working the event got crushed by his adoring fans ... The security guard filed the suit, saying she got crushed while working the Beckham appearance at the Times Square H&M store in February 2014.

Beckham -- an H&M spokesperson -- was signing autographs for throngs of fans.

But honestly, David’s alleged past affairs had to have driven a pretty strong wedge between him and his wife, even though she technically forgave him, means she didn’t divorce him… Since the birth of their youngest child and first daughter, Harper Beckham, the two have definitely seemed closer but reports suggest that their marriage still retains a ‘business-like’ sheen. Magazine suggests that since both stars are workaholics, it hasn’t allowed them much time to work on their marriage. ’s source explains, I’m not really sure I agree with that, actually.

See, when David and Victoria first met, they were technically both ‘working’ – i.e., David was playing soccer and Victoria was part of the Spice Girls.

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If they were going to split, they would have done it a long time ago. The couple, who blended seamlessly among the crowd, looked to have a lot on their minds.

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The security guard is suing H&M and The Durst Organization -- as in Robert Durst ...

Victoria Beckham and David Beckham reportedly have the most perfunctory relationship in showbiz, which is saying a lot.

But then she founded her fashion line, he quit the national team, and they moved to the US – and have been happy ever since. ’s advice, even if their marriage did resemble a ‘business’ at a certain point.

Besides, with that many children, there’s little chance that they’re going to divorce now. Soccer legend David Beckham and his wife Victoria look a little grumpy as they run errands together in London, England on June 11, 2014.



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