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Another part, however, has to do with our decision to visit not only the big cities this time, but also bring "Speak In Storms" to places we have never played before and that may not be considered "primary" by the book-keepers.

Still, these places have dedicated fans and followers who we would like to meet and play for, at last.

Seabound are getting ready for the promised second leg of their Speak In Storms US-Tour.

The tour will happen in the second half of February, and tour dates and venues will be announced in the next few days. Check out the latest news A special message to our fans and friends from the north- and southwestern states The start of Seabound's 2015 North American tour together with Architect is getting closer rapidly now.

We understand that this is going to be disappointing news for our fans and friends from the north- and southwestern states and we are truly sorry that we can't simply extend the tour to see you this year. Seabound announce "Speak In Storms Tour" in North America with special guest ARCHITECT! "The Speak In Storms Tour in Europe was our most elaborate tour yet", states the band, "and we got some amazing fan support.

"Speak In Storms" was one of the electro-industrial highlights of 2014. We look forward to performing the new songs for the North American audience." The band is kicking off the first leg of their North American tour at the East Coast and the Midwest, while a second leg will cover remaining territories at a later time.


More US tour-dates confirmed Snowbound in my hometown as I'm writing this, I realize that I share this fate with many friends on the US East Coast at the moment. Over these last weeks of crazy preparations and planning, it became more and more obvious that we will not be able to cover East and West Coast territory in one go this time.

Part of the situation is due to rather tight time ties caused by our daytime-jobs.


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