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Third, nothing psychological has to be going on at all in order to meet these criteria (notice all the "ors" in there; it could be a "psychological syndrome" a "behavioral syndrome").


Second, it is built to include anything and everything.If you call your sadness, irritability, loneliness, disappointments, and overwhelm "the mental disorder of depression," does calling all that pain make it "the mental disorder of depression"? To call a real thing by some other name doesn't transform that thing into the other thing.All you have done is attach a new label to the real thing.For something to be a genuine "mental disorder of depression," first we need a definition of "mental disorder" that makes sense (did that definition make sense to you? Second, we need explanations of causes rather than descriptions of symptoms (that's all that's done now, a process of counting up "symptoms").

And third, we need a way to distinguish between predictable human reactions to life vs.

To put it simply, chemicals have effects and you may want those effects; talk can help and you may want that help.


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