Demonoid upload ratio not updating


The test that prag had you run does mean that your ISP is not blocking that entire site (this is good news). Finally, the ports you are using are just outside of the recommended range. So I would start by changing to ports in that range (especially since you are having problems). It is a problem with your ISP -- or more correctly with your ISP being torrent unfriendly. there would not be much point to your ISP's efforts would there. No that will not solve the problem with you being blocked from getting peer data from the torrent site in question.

It does seem that your ISP (or security suite or similar) is blocking that URL however. Very often torrent sites are hosted on sites which are blacklisted by programs like that. If you could bypass your ISP's efforts by monkying with the firewall on your modem/router . The thing is that the ports you need to forward to pass data to other peers are not the same ports you use to access the torrent site tracker. If you are sure it is your ISP try the following: first check here and locate your ISP.

2) The ports you are using to send and receive torrent data (as opposed to the peer list) to other peers are not forwarded in of your firewalls. So on private torrent sites is is very critical that you can access the announce url (because it is the only way to get peer information). The common locations of firewalls in a typical home network are (but are not limited) to: 1) The software firewall on your home computer 2) The hardware firewall on your after-market stand alone wireless router 3) The hardware firewall on your after-market stand alone wired router 4) The hardware firewall on your ISP supplied modem/router or router. then the message switches to "OK (DHT backup only)" then it procieds to do nothing. But when will that be, in the mean time nobody knows why they can't download torrents.


Just to be clear you actually have two different problems here. Either that or your ISP has blocked traffic on port that tracker is using as the announce url (FYI this is why many private torrent sites use port 80 as an announce url since 80 is the same port used to send web data it is very hard to block the announce url of sites which use port 80 as the announce url). then read this for suggestions on how to avoid your ISP's efforts (if necessary) The words here and this are links ;-) The bottom line is that if none of that works you will need to get a VPN.

1) You are being blocked from accessing the tracker's announce url. The announce url is where you get the peer list and where you send your stats (so that your account is credited with the correct upload and download amounts). If you choose not to use u Pn P you need to manually forward your torrenting ports in all of your firewalls. when ever i try to download something this error "connection error (no data received from tracker" pops up under the "tracker status" bar. The reason for the tracker error's is because demonoide is shut down by authorities, their people said they will be back.


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