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DJ Neil Schield from Origami Vinyl will be providing tunes and Pabst Blue Ribbon will be providing social lubricants. 16th 6PM - 9PM PST Hand-Eye Supply Pop-Up Institute for Craft & Ingenuity at Space 15 Twenty 1520 North Cahuenga Ave.

Los Angeles, CA 90028Check out the schedule of events for The Pop-Up Institute for Craft & Ingenuity!

This project started with a review of the client's current site's SEO (a non FDC design and build) and its effectiveness.

Join us this Friday from 6pm - 9pm as we kick off Hand-Eye Supply's Los Angeles adventure: The Pop-Up Institute for Craft & Ingenuity!

Get inky with Karis Schroeder and Sarah Wilkinson of Tabletop Made as they do live letterpress printing and peddle their lovely print work.

Working with the Blur Group (an online marketing trading platform for crowd sourcing creatives) we re-designed an existing 'Flash' coded site into a CMS (Content Management System) to give the client real-time editing functionality.

This project started with the client requesting a review of their site (a 20 page site) and its effectiveness.


We also developed a 'comment' system blog, so that farmers could interact with the company.

We've also added an e-commerce element, designing and building within the site the ability to purchase products on-line.

The client wanted to become the 'go-to' site for Canadian farmers for information on general farm fertilizers and critically, organic and biological farm fertilizers.

We designed a new site, and working closely with their communications consultant, developed this site of 100 pages of crucial information.


Events include: Designer Open Mic Night, Platonic Speed Dating, Architect Pin-Up, Felting and Wood Workshops, Multiple Screenings + Two Parties, Two DJs and Three Live Bands.

The average time anyone spends on a web home page when searching for information is measured in seconds. FDC works to make your company attractive, informative and appealing (something the world's best plastic surgeon can't do) with original content, visual appeal, intuitive navigation and built in Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).


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