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Since the game's launch in 2012 a steady stream of updates have added layers of complex, compelling and mutually-amplifying processes and tools to refine and power up your character.

The Paragon system alone will soak up thousands of hours of play, and the endless lottery of loot drops, the daily-style Bounties and options to burn your hard-earned materials crafting elusive, perfectly rolled gear in Kanai's Cube for all intents and purposes makes Diablo 3 a game you never need to stop playing. 2.4.0 feels like Blizzard showboating - a high profile demonstration of the team's creative resources, a firm handshake to the game's community and, I suspect, part of a shadowy Ph D project studying behavioural psychology.

It's a supernatural, storm-battered forest island where the main theme is man against Blizzard's version of nature: huge bear-things lunge at you before shedding their skin to reveal gigantic skeletons, beasts erupt from lightning-struck trees, and there's even a nasty kind of antlered monster waiting to do you in.

It's richly detailed, craggy and riddled with mossy grottoes, and it feels significantly more alive than many Diablo 3 environments.

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Most interesting, however, is Greyhollow Island, an entirely new area located off the coast of Westmarch.

Greyhollow Island is an Adventure Mode edition which will be a new home for bounties, but also manages to thread a little storytelling into the mix.



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