Did lauren and kent dating

The judges all praised Lauren for her consistency and her balance of masculinity and femininity.

Next, Robert performed a Tyce Diorio jazz routine with Mark, a fun routine to “Whip It,” where the duo looked like a pair of New Wave twins.

No matter how you feel about this season’s dancers, you can’t argue that they were put through the wringer: Lauren, Kent and Robert are lucky just to have reached this point in good physical health.

I disagreed with the judges right off the bat tonight regarding Kent’s Bollywood routine with all-star Lauren.

I liked it when Mia Michaels said the two reminded her of Adam Ant (and even more when Cat danced and sang “Stand and Deliver.”) I used to compare Robert unfavorably to Mark, but I think he matched right up to the all-star this time, and the judges agreed.

I loved the next dance, a Dee Caspary contemporary number for Robert and Lauren about the relief of going home after the show.

I love “So You Think You Can Dance” but I confess I won’t mind having a break from these two-hour Wednesday night shows after this week.

By comparison, I thought Lauren did a great job embodying the character in her hip-hop dance with Twitch by Tabitha and Napoleon, who once again did a great job.

It was a beautiful, peaceful dance with lots of gentle, delicate catches, and was, to me, rather sexy in a comfortable, restful way.

Adam called it “literally perfect” but I felt otherwise.

Although Bollywood dances can be over the top and dramatic, I thought Kent was clowny and cheesy and actually a little sloppy in his performance.

I wasn’t sure at first that the concept of their dance about a political debate could work, but they did a very clever job (the vague resemblance to Barack and Hillary didn’t hurt either).I especially liked the move of Twitch trying to muzzle Lauren and her escaping his grasp.



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