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Here are some of the notes I took while reading the book: When you run an Xcode project from a standard (i.e., non-admin) user, you might be asked to enter credentials of a user in the “Developer Tools group.” You can fix this by adding the (current) user to the group: When you purchase something from the Mac App Store, you’ll see a little icon in your dock, but that doesn’t show you the percentage of progress.

If you try something similar with the computer (try leaving the semi-colon off in C or miss an indent in Python, for example), you’ll get a nasty error message.

This book your computer to work with the looser languages used by humans (like English) instead of the stricter counterparts used by machines.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free through the O’Reilly Blogger program. is a very short “book” on RFID (Radio Frequency Identification), a way to tag and identify objects over varying ranges, and how to use Arduino to create a few interesting RFID projects.


Even when we’re not here, the room is drawing a lot of power.

What devices are turned on at any given time depends largely on which of us is here, and what we’re doing.

The book is only 28 pages, so it’s more of a long tutorial than a book, but it still acts as a good introduction to RFID.

Disclaimer: I received this book for free through the O’Reilly Blogger program. When you see “I am a sentence I am another sentence,” you know that you’re really looking at two different sentences even though the period between “sentence” and “I” is missing.

The content available so far gives you a brief background on the relevant parts of language — grammar, pragmatics, discourse analysis, etc.

The authors go on to talk about setting up an annotation project: determining your goal, creating your model/specification, and creating/storing your annotations in a flexible but easy to create (by annotators) manner. I had no previous experience in this area, but I had no trouble understanding the subject matter for the most part.



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    Someone might be a bit different, but that doesn’t mean your entire worlds will clash.

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    RIO DE JANEIRO -- To the world, he is Michael Phelps, the Greatest Of All Time. “You could just tell how much he was gleaming, how much pride he had in himself, and the journey he has been on.”Later, Schmitt said something to Phelps. “I don’t think I have ever seen you that happy.’”Then she took it back.“I think there was one other time I saw you that happy,” Schmitt said to Phelps.

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    And we talk to the man who coded Cleverbot, a software program that learns from every new line of conversation it receives..that's chatting with more than 3 million humans each month. How does one design the evolution of empathy or imagination? How much emotional empathy do you display toward the object? Lincoln.) That is to say, with a little more work, JADABUMRAD just might someday pass the Turing Test, and go down in history as the first (putatively) "intelligent machine." Cheers! Online poker sites use computer players for two purposes: to fill in during times when the number of human players is low, and boost the confidence of people on the free-to-play sites (the computer players are average at best). I love this show, but I think I'll just start calling this the "Descartes" podcast because of how many fascinating shows you've done now which tease with the possibility of an alternative to Cartesian Dualism, even though Daniel Dennett Explained Consciousness 20 years ago. Cleverbot's response to the statement "an asteroid fell on my house" does not indicate that it is not human nor that it doesn't 'think' (at least, insofar as thinking is understood as making comparisons and judgments based on distinct criteria).

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    But if you're going through or have already gone through puberty, you probably had a wet dream.

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    El apóstol Juan comenzó su relato de ‘Jesús lava los pies de sus discípulos’ con las siguientes palabras: “Como había amado a los suyos que estaban en el mundo, los amó hasta el fin.” ¡Sí!

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    And while it would have been nice for the to have been a little more accepting of the whole range of sexual orientation -- that is, given more play to the notion that it's okay to be bisexual -- I give a huge amount of credit to Heather for responding to Joe's hateful declaration that there must be something wrong with her because she's " what Dustin wants (though given his recent arrest for sexual battery, it does seem like his ideas about acceptable sexual behaviour in general could use some adjustment).

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