Dme mold dating inserts

Read More Delivering responsive control for precise, sophisticated molding, 16-Zone Hydraulic Valve Gate Sequencer features PLC touchscreen that lets users save and load mold recipes.

Made of asbestos-free material with max service temperature of 550°F, sheets include pre-machined locating ring clearance hole, assembly screw clearance holes, and mounting holes.

Thermal insulating properties of glass-reinforced polymer composite inhibit heat transfer from mold to platen or from platen to mold.

Sliding mechanics are finish ground, with 0.005 in.

grind stock left on overall width, bottom of wear plate, and slide angle.

Read More Made from thermal shock-resistant hotwork steel, EXK Keyed Ejector Pins prevent rotation during injection molding process.

Precision machining creates key on head of pin to hold pin in place, eliminating damage to parts being molded or mold base itself. Read More With optimized thermal heat profiles in nozzle and tip, Zenith Valve Gate Hot Runner System ensures uniform heat to prevent flow channel hot spots in sequential filling and family mold applications.

Our products continue to set industry standards in tooling technology against which all others are compared.We're also developing global product platforms that provide reliability to our multinational customers, while allowing for regional customization.


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