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(4/25/02) Stage: Appeared (London stage debut) in Kenneth Lonergan's play, This Is Our Youth".

Damon took over the lead role from Hayden Christensen.


His father is of English and Scottish descent, and his mother is of ...Christensen starred with Anna Paquin and Jake Gyllenhaal in Lonergan's barbed comedy about a trio of rich and wayward youths in 1980s New York. The family lived in different countries throughout Bale's childhood, including ... The Depression had people resenting the fat cats, the banks and so you've got someone like Dillinger being a hero because he was making a difference - he was getting it back for himself and so many people looked at him and romanticised that.Opinions abound about whether using press release distribution services to send out your release to the correctly targeted audience is all you need.


The Prints & Photographs Division holds thousands of images relating to the Civil War, found in many different collections. Civil War through photographs, prints and drawings in one online location.


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    Reading has always been a passion to me, and then, one day I realized that I should also explore and enhance my writing skill.

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    Dinosaurs evolved within a single lineage of archosaurs 232-234 Ma (million years ago) in the Ladinian age, the latter part of the middle Triassic.

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    was made to help members to quickly find and connect with the best adult dating matches in your area.

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    Men tend to cope by splitting off from their feelings; that is, are more likely to engage in sexual relationships while remaining emotionally divorced or superficial.

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    This morning, my 20-Year Old, #Christian, Black Brother, who is more than 6’0 tall- and deemed a threat to many, called me gloating about the outcome of the #Presidential Election. I’ve been trying to sort out my emotions and feelings since then. Read more of this blog post » I'm a natural visual thinker, and it's reflected in my writing style.

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