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It comes with a selection of light-weight objects: corks, ping-pong balls, feathers and pieces of polystyrene, which can be made to hover on the rising column of air.Two of the cameramen were David Carter and Roger Bunce, both on attachment from TV Centre. All other names have been forgotten, but if anyone recognizes themselves, please write in. For maximum coverage, the Director decides to shoot in the round, positioning his three cameras in a circle around the action, 120 degrees apart, all facing inwards.Looking at the picture today, the thing that immediately strikes me is that everyone is wearing a tie." (..a mid-20th century fashion fad! Today is to be one of those avant-garde, experimental, workshop sessions for the Open University. Three students (or junior academics) have been given a new Toy, and they are going to play with it in a spontaneous, imaginative, uninhibited sort of way.Three cameras will photograph them, also in a spontaneous, imaginative, uninhibited sort of way.


When I (Bernie) look at photos like these - Chris relaxed in his seat, possibly rather bored in the left photo, I know that we didn't in any way realise that a long time after we'd be part of history....

And just to divert for a moment - an appropriate video - come back when you've watched.


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