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The Future of Virtualization Index project provides CSPs with a clear and concise set of benchmarks to measure their progress in the migration to virtualized networks using a series of surveys involving more than three dozen of the world's most important CSPs.

Regardless - What he may do or not do and he has plenty to keep him busy - the only common point I agree with is that Huawei is toast for 4 years in the USA.

He may think he knows it all lhimself, like hee knows more about foreign policy than anybody else. AT&T of course has been very public about its plans to virtualize 75% of network functions by 2020 but we also heard Vodafone Germany say it was...

Full and frank discussions about the challenges facing operators as they embark on their digital transformation journeys.

It was good to hear a number of very big service providers raise some of their key concerns about...


And it is always interesting for us to realize how "Balancing security and cost is an ongoing challenge," and just how the industry might justify the decisions involved in getting security without damagaing the budget or... Presidential campaigns will never be the same agan. I think the thing most peculiar about our predicament is... ' here's my take on what will happen next based on the UK's Brexit experience (which is a disaster but not in the same league as this result...) The financial markets will be unpredictable for [email protected] That comment stood out to me as well and I agree, that's likely the preference of many companies that were represented at the Summit.I'm even skeptical about the fiber for the original cities providing service promised, even though Google says the "pause" will not affect Google Fiber's current fiber deployments. With one of the "promises" being ready to "start a "friendly" fixed 5G trial at the end of 2016. And I agree that what happens with telecom will be relatively unimportant. I think the big challenge they face is creating strategies that ease the transition...Execs expect initial deployments will be about fixed broadband to the home." What's going on with that or was that something... Yeah, i mean i don't think we even know who advises trump on technology and comm issues, if anybody. Also interesting to hear details of virtualization targets from some telcos.Looks like lots of great speakers on important topics during the summit, I espcially like the ""re-architect" the network rather than to rebuild it from scratch" comment by one which seem to carry truth for most of the companies...


So that marketshare is up for grabs by the agressive who have... I think the growth to which he refers is in selling cloud connectivity services to multi-nationals - from GTT's perspective, adding Hibernia's global network and subsea operations opens up a lot of new potential sales opportunities...It does seem the two are very similar which leads to which is the easiest for customers to use compared with the selection of channels available. China's vendors can forget about the US telecom market for the next few years. AT&T will need to hire even more lawyers if it wants Time Warner. GTT CEO Rick Calder tells Light Reading -- "..companies are growing, which is very different from other recent acquisitions." That's true compared to many of the shotgun weddings we've seen. Hmm, maybe we could open an LR outpost in New Zealand?


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