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We have folks in engineering who might do weatherization.We have a wonderful set of health sciences programs, and we could be doing screenings." In the meantime, a community advisory council that was formed prior to the site’s renovation is continuing to meet monthly; its input will play a role in the programs and services offered in the future.The Dornsifes' donation will go to USC's College of Letters, Arts and Sciences, the university's biggest academic unit, without restrictions on how it should be spent. Max Nikias praised the donors, after whom the college will be named, for the donation's size and its unusually open-ended nature.The Dornsife Center has the potential to become "a place where every single college and school [at Drexel] could be engaged with the community in shared problemsolving," she says. Drexel’s law school students, for example, have been fulfilling their pro bono requirements by offering free legal services at the Dornsife Center.And, as Kerman points out, "We've got folks in English who could be running a writers house."[At Drexel], there are lots of different kinds of expertise," explains Kerman.


A National Labor Relations Board Hearing Officer has found the Provost Quick and University administrators broke the law in our recent union vote: Provist Quick’s all out union-busting campaign of illegal threats, misinformation, and a pay increase timed days before the vote were key factors in the NLRB’s decision to set aside previous union election results in Dornsife and conduct a new election.For months, we have condemned the administration’s underhanded tactics, calling on the University to remain neutral throughout the unionization process so that we may cast our vote in an environment free from University intimidation.


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