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that your computer won't start at all and you're pretty sure a virus or some other malware is to blame?

How do you scan for viruses when you can't start Windows to do a virus scan?

Anvi Rescue Disk Review & Free Download The only thing I don't like about Anvi Rescue Disk is that you must scan the whole drive at once - you can not choose to scan single, specific files like you can with regular antivirus software.

More » AVG Rescue CD is a text-only free bootable antivirus program.

This is where a bootable antivirus program becomes the hero of the day.

With a bootable virus scanner, you create a special flash drive or CD/DVD disc from a working computer and then use it on the infected machine to scan the hard drive for viruses - all without needing to start Windows!

Anvi Rescue Disk is a really simple bootable virus scanner.There are only three main scan buttons, two sections to the program, and no custom settings.



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