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I think one of the most important things we can do is to keep our sense of humour in this region, because God knows we need it on those days when we are stuck in traffic for two hours when there has been an accident on our one bridge that connects the two halves of the city.About a year ago some You Tube videos began circulating in Fort Mc Murray, and I think it would be fair to say they went viral.The spread was rapid and infectious, and soon the entire region (and beyond) was buzzing about some guy named Steve who drove truck at site and had dubious skills in picking up women.I'm afraid that for a few months they were the target of their friends' humour, and they quite likely considered changing their names.And I suppose there are those who find these videos embarrassing or too stereotypical or degrading to us somehow, but I'm not one of them.This means men might have to work harder to impress those women, although some, like Steve from site, have a tendency to lose focus on what really matters when it comes to interpersonal relationships (and it isn't how many twenties you have in your wallet, incidentally).The only people I feel a bit badly for in all this are men who work at site and are named Steve.The videos were funny, fully of lingo that would only really be familiar to those who know a bit about life here (terms like "site", and "short change"), and they played to a fairly common stereotype about this community.


Oh, he wasn't usually named Steve, and he didn't always drive truck at site.But the conversation always had an eery similarity to the one depicted in the very first video, and that point was brought home to me in a local pub when I told one man that I am married. " I think my jaw hit the table (just before I made a mad dash for the exit).You see, there is a gender imbalance in this region.There are a lot of men compared to women, and many women come here with their significant others, so single women can be a bit more rare (although they do exist, as I know several).


I'm from a slightly different demographic in this community, a married woman in her mid-40's with a teenaged child.And yet when I saw the Fort Mc Murray Dating Scene videos I laughed too, because I've met Steve in the decade I've lived here, and more than once.



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