Effective dating in peoplesoft

Thanks again You cannot change history in this way.


Can anyone explain me in detail about this and what is it's practical use? Can you please write me back which books should I prefer to learn People Tools, People Code, SQR etc? Please search in the archives or just open People Books.

Hit the 'Help' hyperlink on your PS page, most companies have their People Books setup on this 'Help' link. Go through the People Books; I'm sure all your doubts will get clarified.

For instance, we would like to say that employee A work in Finance the first week of May, 2011. How can we change this without affecting records outside of this week? I'm far from a PS expect but would your suggestions not affect data beyond May 9th?

For instance, if this person worked in HR from June 1st - June 30th / 2011, in Receiving from July 1st to Aug 30/2011, would this data stay intact?

Unfortunately, i don't have access to People Soft books.

Using the effective dating concept, how would you change a record in the past?



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