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Or do, actually, because Somerhalder is reportedly dating Nikki Reed.Inquisitr and Perez Hilton reported that Ian Somerhalder and his present wife Nikki Reed ran into Ian's ex-girlfriend Nina Dobrev.TV Series ''The Vampire Diaries,'' brought this Bulgarian actress Dobrev to the limelight. After Dobrev left the popular supernatural drama in 2015 ''The Vampire Diaries,'' there are speculations of a new actress being cast for the role of Elena Gilbert.

When Dobrev took the stage with Kellan Lutz to present the Choice Movie Actress: Action/Adventure award to Shailene Woodley, she finally (jokingly) addressed the plethora of dating rumors that have recently plagued her life by calling out Lutz for standing far away from her -- the "Expendables 3" hunk apparently came up with a "5 feet radius" rule because he didn't want to be the latest notch on Dobrev's fake Internet dating rumor belt: It was an adorable bit, but still, we feel kind of sorry for the "Vampire Diaries" actress for having to deal with tabloid ridiculousness every time she leaves Atlanta to attend a Hollywood party.

Hey, at least the former couple's characters are kind of together on TV, if you forget about the fact that Somerhalder's Damon is dead? We're living vicariously through you in the best possible way, even if absolutely none of this is true.



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