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Age Progression Beautiful Female Lead Calm Male Lead Character Growth Cheats Childhood Friends Confessions Domestic Affairs Dragons Dwarfs Elves Fantasy World First-time Intercourse Fox Girls Game Elements Healer Hidden Abilities Hidden Past Interspatial Storage Kingdoms Magic Male Protagonist Manipulation Military Nobles Non-human Protagonist Nudity Overpowered Protagonist Past Lives Past Plays a Big Role Personality Changes Protagonist Strong from the Start R-15 Racial Discrimination Reincarnation Secret Identity Slaves Souls Special Abilities Strong Male Lead Sword And Magic Talented Male Lead Transported to Another World Wars Weak to Strong A genius magician, to fight against his fate to die a natural death from old age, grasped at the truth of magic to allow himself to reincarnate with a power he created himself. (He does give them after the village accepted them though.The cycle of reincarnation is repeated multiple times and in his 31st reincarnation, the magician became a boy named Syril who lives in a village of elves. There is no war preparation even though everyone knows the empire will eventually come and slaughter them. So it is necessary to accommodate them and assist them in adjusting to the elf village. And we are not talking about building career or role for them to work in the village, the MC just provided everything with his OPness and other world knowledge instead of employing their skill and give them roles. But the village accepted them not because of their skill, but because something MC gave them.) Hell, after procuring war fund, instead of seeing how the fund going to secure the village future, we get shopping date instead…Even if we're being generous and give it twice as long a powerstroke as usual it still would not have penetrated plate as even a 1000lb draw weight crossbow could not penetrate 15th century medieval plate and I fail to see how a crossbow with less than a fifth of that crossbow's draw weight could possibly be stronger and still be called a "small bow". v=76mb OMFjlu0 It might seem like I'm being pedantic but the armor piercing weaponry is actually a major plot point that spanned the entirety of the first 13 chapters (I'm up to chapter 13 at the time of writing) so getting this crucial fact wrong makes my head hurt.The author should at least have explained why historical crossbows required much higher draw weights to release the same energy as longbows and how MC's magic compensated for that.EDIT: I've not been able to find any sources that back up the author's claims about killing potato nematodes by drowning in water for 3 months. Also why do they have the exact same species of plants and parasites as Earth? EDIT: Oh my god the historical inaccuracies are driving me crazy.I mean it seems kind of stupid that they have all this water, wind, fire and earth magic and have to worry about disinfecting the soil. And if they have the species of potato susceptible to nematodes why don't they have the species that are not? It is only at 19th century the art of using yeast began to spreed on earth.The story of the creation of an ideal country begins in that one village, a place where all races can coexist. Along the way our MC even laid some trap to remove his opposition and secure his support. So much that the village and this rebellion only capable of functioning because of him. Volume 2: 2/5 Too much fluffy time, too much cooking, too much party, too little progress, too little (no) village development. I love how much detail the author put into the series.Seems like he really wanted you to feel like you were right there with the characters with all the trivia about vitamins, hunting and food, which all add to the story.

EDIT: Actually now I've gotten tired of these (mostly erroneous) trivia and they really don't add to the story and could be left out. One particularly glaring example being the "small" 89kg draw weight crossbow being more powerful than a 45kg longbow and being able to penetrate plate armor. A crossbow is much weaker than a longbow of equal draw weight due to having a shorter powerstroke (let's generously assume that the prod is somehow magically more efficient than the historical crossbows) - a rule of thumb is that a crossbow is equivalent to a longbow with half its draw weight, which means the 89kg draw weight crossbow mentioned would most likely have been weaker than the 45kg draw weight longbow mentioned earlier that was said to have been unable to penetrate plate.

With a 89kg draw weight you would need a crazy long powerstroke (measured in meters) to get enough energy to penetrate medieval plate (which was case hardened steel), certainly not with a "small bow" like the one described in the novel.

However, that village is ruled by Humans, and the Elves are treated as livestock. (Well, they did buy supplies for the village though. It’s like we traded war preparation for fluffy time.

After becoming 14 years old, Syril, who regained his past knowledge and experience, stands up to help a girl, who is his childhood friend. In volume 1 we have arm production, militia train and uprising against the empire. Even though there will be thousands of empire soldiers attacking this village of a few hundreds with barely any training and preparation in a few months. MC is too much of a cheat and relied too much on his cheat though.


For this world which only has technology around 16th century this kind of use is still unknown. Yeast has been used for making bread since at least 5000 years ago in ancient Egypt and was mentioned in the Bible! And so many of the details are wrong that I cannot be bothered to point them out anymore.It's clear that the author does not even bother with the most rudimentary fact checking for even the most basic facts. EDIT: Wow, v2c6-8 was entirely about cooking, eating and dancing. Strongly recommend skipping these chapters if you only care about the story. Also, the main story picks up after the incredibly boring v2c-8 so if you just skip those it gets better.



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