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Most of my clients either missed questions regarding orientation miserably or were off just a bit. Yet there are patients for whom orientation is a very important goal.


I used to write orientation goals for most of my patients. Knowing today’s date (within a day or two…) is an easy thing? Before I write an orientation goal, I ask myself, As I asked these questions, I found my answers often weren’t in favor of addressing orientation as a goal.Knowing where the heck you are and why you are here is essential. Many of the screeners and evaluations we conduct with our patients assess elements of orientation. When my patients are pleasantly confused and don’t care about the day or time as long as nobody calls them late for dinner, I don’t make orientation a goal – even if they think it is 1968.It is almost too easy to hop on social media and ask a clinical question. What’s missing on social media is other people don’t know you (and your skills) and your patient (and their specific presentation). Thankfully, I’ve got an awesome colleague, who is also a vocalogist, who loves voice. There should not be any shame in not being an expert in all areas of our field or asking for help. Due to medical advances, our patients are becoming more complex.So we really need to make sure that we are becoming better clinicians. I’m not competent to treat every SLP patient either. She sings, performs, and has done an impressive amount of continuing education to hone her craft as a singer and therapist. This month, Gray Matter Therapy will focus blog posts on this very question.

We need to feel competent and confident in our services. If you are referred a new patient that you aren’t competent to treat, you can do a few things: There are some things that I am not competent in treating. I have always been uncomfortable with my own voice. We will look at why CEUs are so expensive, recommendations for accruing CEUs as a new clinician (this comes up over and over on forums), assessing education opportunities for usefulness, and more.

In addition, newsletter subscribers will receive a tracking sheet I use to track professional education. Rachel is a speech-language pathologist and creator of Gray Matter Therapy.


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