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The French-born-actress, who won a BAFTA for her role as the leading lady in the film, said both she and her co-star had to make an effort to make it real. You’re not really enjoying yourself when kissing on screen,” the Daily Express quoted her as saying."He’s a great partner and we tried our best to make it look convincing but it’s a long way away from real kissing,” she added.He also demanded he come clean to his own girlfriend, US film producer Satsuki Mitchell.” But the trial into alleged phone hacking at the now defunct News of the World heard Law did not leave a message for Craig.Law said he long suspected friends or family had been feeding stories to the press.But asked if he had any idea a relative was getting cash for the information, he replied: “I’ve never been aware of that.Secret details of Jude Law’s private life were sold to reporters by a close member of his own family, a court heard yesterday.But the actor had no idea the ­relative was betraying him for cash, until yesterday when a lawyer gave him the name.Jurors were told Law made an angry phone call to Daniel Craig to confront him over his fling with girlfriend Sienna Miller – details of which appeared in a 2005 News of the World article.


The Kingdom of Heaven star further turned red-faced when asked if she had seen Craig’s performance in the latest Bond blockbuster, Quantum Of Solace.

She said: “This is a bit embarrassing but I haven’t seen it yet,” she admits to GQ.



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