Evan bourne dating cody rhodes


The APA (Beer drinking, skirt chasing drunks)Favorite Divas Past and present1. Feelings blossom between the two childhood friends, but not everything is as Ash thought. Will be follow up story- COMPLETEDSet Post Season 4: Emma is now the Dark One and is on a destructive path. Lita (I cheered so loud when she left, I never liked her)2. Gary decided to come home too, he had something important to tell Professor Oak. Velvet Sky (Alway's loved an Underdog)Divas past and present that I hate1. When the blame falls on Ash, and Charizard's life is in danger, Ash knows that he only has one choice. Three years later, a tournament is held, and Ash sees his only chance to unmask the true killer. Now that he's 16, Ash Ketchum decided to return back home to Pallet Town. Ivory( before and after her right to censor thing)8. Awesome kong/Kharma (Can't wait to see what she's going to do)10. Kelly Kelly (The village bicycle, Randy Orton agree's)After the death of Pikachu, Ash is left in ruins, but many of his friends have been murdered as well.Ash then realizes that every single day, he falls a little bit harder in love with his rival, hoping he will catch him.


After a night of drunken lust, Ash is stuck with the fact that Gary Oak made him succumb to so much pleasure. Will Jade and Beck be able to help Tori pick up the pieces? This is a Tori/Jade/Beck story meaning at the end of it all three of then will be romantically involved.



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