Evernham dating erin crocker

NASCAR owner and former Cup championship crew chief Ray Evernham and his former development driver Erin Crocker were married in a small ceremony in Las Vegas on August 26.A personal relationship between owner and driver was first suggested in April 2006 right here on Answer this..., after sources confirmed the two had gone public at the track.Evernham terminated employee Jeremy Mayfield due to poor performance.Mayfield maintained that his poor performance was a direct result of the decreasing standards of euipment managment that transpired during Evernham and Crocker's illicit affair. It came on the heels of Evernham's announcement that he and his wife of 19 years were separating and was ill-received by readers.


Evernham was perturbed by the gossip and refused to address the topic of his personal life when raised by the press, who had a field day -- some even suggesting that they'd been threatened with denial of team access if they asked questions or wrote about it.A year or so after all the hoopla died down, Evernham admitted that his credibility had been damaged and that their relationship had a detrimental effect on Crocker's own driving career.



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