Excel 2016 application screenupdating not working

Screen Updating = True Msg Box "done" End Subthank you vbfbryce I'll try and check that out as soon as I get to an Excel 2013 Meanwhile I can add something that could help you help me out I get the unwanted flickering occurs while switching between workbooks.

i must admit that my Screen Update does not help to make the code readable so this mistake could have happened to many of us...

and then I also put calls to my Screen Updatejust(True, previous Screen Update) at the end of every procedure to set it back to its previuous value so the issue could be the my Screen Updatejust() doesn't work properly @DS: I always use my Screen Update() in the following way - first to set Application.

Screen Updating to its previuos value, not necessarily to True.


Note code snippets posted are just that and do not include error handling that is required in real world applications, but avoid On Error Resume Next Sub put Numbers In Cells() Dim ws As Worksheet Dim j As Long Dim resp As Integer Set ws = Active Sheet resp = Msg Box("Turn off updating? Note code snippets posted are just that and do not include error handling that is required in real world applications, but avoid On Error Resume Next dim previous Screen Update as boolean Call my Screen Update(False, previous Screen Update) 'to get the current setting into previous Screen Update Call my Screen Update(True, false) 'to set updating to false 'do your heavy code here and when finished: Call my Screen Update(True, previous Screen Update)maybe you have fiddled around with the code and thought the first "Call my Screen Update(True, previous Screen Update)" is useless/wrong?

this to mantain possible settings to False coming from calling subs Am I missing something?

- still, I have that flickering with excel 2013-W8 and not with excel 2010-W7 since the main sub (and those called by it) has to open all those many workbooks, for reading data inside them, I'm starting to think flickering is due to this.

but with no idea of why should that happen with excel 2013-W8 only.


besides, both machines are laptops and the excel2013-W8 being more powerful, so that should not be a matter of opening file speed, should Application. and just to finish checking all of your suggestions/doubts @westconn1: I actually put calls to my Screen Updatejust(False, previous Screen Update) at the beginning of every procedure to make sure I had 'Application.

Screen Updating' set to False (and store its previuous value) before going through it.



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