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’ ” Kate explained, only posing the controversial question two years in.

“I think you need to have a conversation with the other person before you start dropping the boyfriend label, and it’s kind of a weird talk to have when you’re not 16.” More people than ever are avoiding the Facebook official, parent-approved label, instead choosing the purposefully evasive “person I’m seeing,” or the Carrie Bradshaw-approved “man friend.” Introducing the “time bomb”: a relationship both parties know won’t last but drags on for months, maybe even years.

“My friends would definitively tell you he is my boyfriend, but I have a tendency to say we are in a monogamous relationship and leave it at that.



Time bombs lack the so-called normal milestones of a regular relationship, from DTR (defining the relationship), to meeting friends and family, to posting about love incessantly on social media.

There was benching and then ghosting—but they’re all just labels created by millennials who are petrified about caring too much.



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    2007 - Present Claire and Hugh met on the set of their flick "Evening" and their relationship quickly bloomed off the set.

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