Extra marital dating uk the dream dating


Also, with our world now so overtly sexualised it’s almost cartoonish (12% of the internet is porn), but our moral consensus still capable of outrage and condemnation (you naughty boy, Tiger), where do we really stand on infidelity?

My infidelities have at no stage breached the sanctum of my underwear, or anyone else’s, but I have to admit to feeling that heady mix of guilt and excitement you get when enjoying something you know is wrong.



Before you judge me though, my ‘cheating’ has been strictly investigative.With so many surveys claiming that more people are having no-strings-attached (NSA) affairs behind their partner’s backs, I wanted to know whether monogamy even exists today; in a world where social networking, instant communication and a plethora of websites which connect would-be ‘away players’ create infinite possibilities to do the dirty on your other half.It’s 8.15am, Wednesday and I’ve just been emailed a picture by a 35-year-old Scorpio mother-of-two from Romford who goes by the name of Mandy.I say ‘goes by’ as women in the world of cyber-cheating don’t tend to use their real names, for obvious reasons.


It’s free to enroll on all the sites I’ve used, and you can search and browse all the members’ profiles for nothing. And predictably you can’t just pay per message, you have to buy a block.

The cheapest bundle at Ashley Madison, for example, is £49, and that lets you send 100 messages.



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