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Adventure Sports have been best defined as 'Outdoor Sports or Activities in which the participant competes in a natural environment, more against themselves than against others'.

Although the term is sometimes used interchangeably, Extreme Sports can be considered a sub-category of Adventure Sports, as well as the terms 'Action Sport' and 'Adventurous Sport' are also used.

Extreme sports can include both competitive and non-competitive activities.

Some of the sports listed here as Adventure Sports would probably not be considered as 'true' extreme sports.

Then check out our guides on a range of activities including air experiences, hang gliding, indoor skydiving,paragliding, or if its cars you are into then what about driving the Silverstone circuit?

We also cover some of the more traditional extreme sports including rock climbing or quad biking.

An Extreme Sport is any sport featuring speed, height, danger, a high level of physical exertion, highly specialized gear, or spectacular stunts.


Fit-N-Wise Sports Medicine also provides an on-site mobile medical team to provide quality training and medical services for a variety of extreme sports events.

So whether you are looking for information or want to book an event check out our guides for great information on all aspects of extreme sport.

True Extreme Sports are more likely defined as a leisure or recreation activity where the most likely outcome of a mismanaged accident or mistake was death.

Extreme sports are often associated with young adults wishing to push themselves to the limits of their physical ability and fear, in turn pushing the boundaries of a particular sport.

The following is a large list of sports that some people consider to be classified as Adventure or Extreme Sports.

You may or may not agree with what is here, or you may want to suggest one that is not.



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