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The epic battle of guns in public places continues across America.

With gun-hater Mike Bloomberg spending millions trying to convince businesses to forbid guns, the companies that have adopted that policy have been quickly made sorry by criminals.

Retail giant Target saw 3 of its stores targeted by criminals, within days of enacting an anti-gun policy.


The discount began a few weeks ago, as a way to thank law enforcement members for their service.But when law-abiding citizens started asking for the discount for their concealed carry handguns, Cox states he was more than happy to extend the offer.I previously reported on a North Carolina restaurant which posted a prominent “No Guns Allowed” sign and was promptly robbed by armed gunmen the next week.And 3 Jack-in-the-Box locations suffered robberies and a shooting within 2 weeks of their new corporate policy “requesting” no guns on site.

Owner Cox gave his own view on the subject: “I think it protects the restaurant. If they think someone may have a gun and it’s concealed, you’ll think twice about coming in and robbing somebody,” he added.

“You feel safer because I mean somebody walks in and wants to rob the place, they’re going to think twice when they see it’s not a gun free place.” Amen.



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