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"And the way to prove that is I'm going to pick up girls as a fat guy." How do you think he'll do? , we met Bo, a comedienne who's ready to make a change to her body and mind.And the clip - uploaded online by Simple Pickup - has certainly been a hit with over 1.1m hits on You Tube in just two days.

The show enlightened me to the underlying correlation of how my body is a direct reflection of what I am feeling on the inside.As a comedienne I've never been shy to share who I really am, as the best comedy always stems from truth.Bo had struggled with her weight throughout her life, and when her mother passed away it only made things worse.Bo turned to food to cope with her emotional problems, and her weight became the target of a fellow colleague's jokes. I went on because I wanted to inspire others to stand up for themselves regardless of the harshest criticisms they receive because we are all destined for greatness.


This Romeo decided to make things a little harder for himself when he was out on the pull - by donning a fat suit.He set out to prove that girls aren't necessarily attracted to good looks or fast cars and that anyone can get lucky in love - you just have to be confident.



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