Female boxing cams

I also noticed a lot of support from women and I felt as though I was inspiring many women to take on things they never thought they could.’ And with this discovery, Cam thought there could be something in this: ‘I looked into females fighting and stumbled across session wrestling,’ she says.‘There was a massive gap in the market in the UK so I decided to run with the idea, but make it 100 times more glamorous than it was at the time.‘I was a part of a charity boxing event which involved me jumping in the ring,’ she says.‘As scary and exciting as it was, I noticed a lot of interest.‘There is an element of domination involved: the clients are completely overpowered by the beautiful wrestlers and have no choice but to submit.’ ‘I am university educated and am doing well in my career,’ he says.


‘They have a full range of female wrestling talent from skilled and experienced martial arts women to stunning models.‘I had fantasised about wrestling women for decades, the idea of doing all I could to avoid losing but just not quite being able to prevent my female opponent from winning.‘The idea of real life models being able to fight and genuinely overpower a grown man is what is extremely appealing to the men.‘The majority of my customers are successful entrepreneurs and come from extremely high powered positions.’ ‘They can leave all their responsibilities behind for that one hour and forget about all their stresses.’ But she is aware of the sort of reaction that this sort of activity gets: ‘If I am completely honest, I would say MWM is borderline fetish but there is absolutely no sexual activity within the sessions at all,’ she says.

‘It is professional, organised and the MWM athletes really love what they do as well.

‘They respect the anonymity of clients and the wrestling ladies, this is very important to clients like myself.’ Spidermouth is not a newcomer to the activity. ‘I would have started earlier but it was really the internet that made finding session wrestling businesses much more possible,’ he says.



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