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'He'd better appreciate the effort I made or I swear I'll kill him with my bare hands.' She thought angrily.

Yuffie grabbed her clutch, hid some weapons on her person, and quickly applied some clear red gloss. For the record, I'm totally against this whole thing." She hissed as she greeted the man at the door.

Most people don’t realize it their first play through but the date scene in Gold Saucer is not always Aeris. Aeris, Tifa, Yuffie and Barret all have a chance to partake in the date scene, although getting Yuffie or Barret to join you can be particularly difficult.

"Ah but Yuffie if you want him, you have to do what must be done.

Make him so jealous that he won't think about anything other than keeping you." Reeve replied. "You make me wonder about your mental stability sometimes Reeve." Yuffie said. Yuffie flinched at the amount of emotion in that one phrase and prayed mentally that she didn't sound like that when she talked to Vincent about anything.



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