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It's written in a mock 'authentic' Elizabethan style, and the author doesn't bother with quotation marks when people speak.These two factors add to the feel, but don't exactly aid comprehension.It's worth persevering, though, as the story is gripping - despite the fact that we know how it ends - and the detail dense.Things Elizabethan were, a couple of years back, hot, the films Elizabeth and Shakespeare in Love (which features Marlowe, played by Rupert Everett), and all.No-one does the spooky and buried history of London better than Ackroyd, and here he does things with ghosts, various shades of sex, 16th Century science and alchemy, and spooks, entertains and stimulates us something wicked.


But for some deeper understanding, much talk about religion and buggery, and some real London atmosphere, do give this one a go.

takes place against the backdrop of the dissolution of the monasteries and sees Matthew Shardlake, lawyer, hunch-back and supporter of Reform, sent by Thomas Cromwell to a Sussex monastery to investigate a grisly murder and the theft of relics.


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