Firmware updating failed nokia n70

Some times one of those files is missing, and that cause the error message. In order to solve the problem, click on "Options" button. A window will appear where You could identify the missing file: highlighted in red. If You press the "Update firmware" button instead of "Refurbish", that error message won't appear.

In that case the file for memory card content is missing. You could see that this file is optional, so it could be deleted by "Delete" button, or select an another memory card content file by pressing the "Edit" button. The "Update firmware" option will not erase user data, because it this case only the Image (MCU) and PPM (language) files are flashed on phone.

It proceeded a bit beyond that but then came to the following message: No matter how many times I try (or retry) it craps out on me. Fortunately I backed up the data before I started this process but now I am without a mobile. The Nokia N79, which we had here some weeks ago, got a new firmware. Those files are: Image (MCU), PPM (languages), Content (original pictures, sounds...) and memory card / internal memory contents. Now after pressing "Refurbish" button, the error message won't appear, and Phoenix will start the flashing procedure of the phone. : After You select a product code / language pack You want to flash on phone, then press on "Refurbish" button, this error message appears. The problem is, when You select a product code / language package, Phoenix selects which files should be flashed on phone.

The manager checks whether the selected firmware has right format and whether it is for the selected device before starting firmware update.The manager will display error message and stop updating firmware if the selected firmware is not valid.


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