Firmware updating succeeded

Consider also: (refered in AN16) “General Requirements and Precautions” chapter 1.3 . The source code to be compiled in linux is provided in a file called glinswup_

[Critical] Firmware update succeeded [] [Info] Tracking paused [Info] Leap Motion Controller disconnected: LP86464302998 [] [Info] Data Rate Normal [] [Info] Data Rate Normal [] [Info] Data Rate Normal [Info] Leap Motion Controller detected: LP98998220975 [] [Info] Tracking resumed [Info] Firmware version: 0.9.0 [Info] Leap Motion Controller firmware version 0.9.0 is out of date.


I'm running Windows 10 and cannot get the device to work.

The drivers provided with the latest SDK package don't contain any information for the device I have (the files don't contain anything related to it).


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