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- small publishing house in Saskatchewan that specializes in academic books on Aboriginal issues, Aboriginal history, politics and legal issues such as treaty rights, self government and native land claims.- School of Business Aboriginal Careers Initiative Web-site provides prospective and current Aboriginal business students, as well as employers and the general public, with information to increase the enrollment, retention, and success of Aboriginal people within the School's Undergraduate program.- Educational Resources for Aboriginal Studies, First Nations Studies, Indigenous Studies, and Native American Studies.View on-line catalogue of Aboriginal and Native American Educational Resources for schools and the general public.- University of Victoria's Indigenous Governance program was founded in 1998, building on UVic's highly successful Administration of Aboriginal Governments program.- There's been a great deal of talk regarding the startup of this project.


- a four-year teacher education program designed for First Nations students interested in obtaining a Bachelor of Education degree.The goal of ITEP is to prepare First Nations teachers who will respond to the challenges associated with the educational needs of Aboriginal students.


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