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There is not even a divorce court to hear your case. To get a legal annulment you must pass a very strict test under which you must prove such a situation as; You and your wife are closely related. For a list of them as well as some other good info..‘ with bribes to the right people.The divorce or ‘dissolution’ process is not legally recognized here. But if you are a foreigner chances are you don’t know ‘the right people’ and will get ripped off by scammers who promise for a couple thousand in foreign currency they can make it happen. If, you as a foreigner come and marry a Filipina and then..01/25/2013 | Filed under: Legal Things To Know, Overseas Culture, Preparing To Travel and tagged with: adultery, adventure, annulment, asian, attorney, bliss, common law, concubine, contentment, culture, daily life, dating, dissolution, divorce, engaged, family, family law, filipina, find wife, foreign, happiness, husband, immigration, island, joy, legal, lifestyle, marriage, marry, overseas, Philippines, pinay, preparations to travel, relocate, remarriage, remarry, sex, tourist, travel, tropical, us, wife So..let’s say your plan is to come to the Philippines, get to know some lovely ladies and choose the best one to be your wife. However, there are a few things to know ahead of time so your experience does not get snagged on a legal issue along the way. Take time to know your prospective Filipina fiance’. Not only get to know her as a person, but her marital status as well.The information here is for educational purposes only and any person should consult with an Immigration Attorney before making any important decisions or actions. (Even though your plans may be to make the Philippines your new home.) Even if you plan to take a few years before getting married, which is my advice by the way, one thing you will need to bring with you are your divorce papers. the final, deciding document which declares you are legally divorced if you have been previously married in your home-country.It is very common for men to arrive here, start making plans to marry and only then find out from the local Philippine government that you must prove you are divorced from any previous marriages, irregardless of where those marriages took place.

But if you don’t think you’re up to it, find a Filipina who has never been married before and that will simplify everything.In either scenario I wish you all the best.[ One more thing..



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    Some are currently in long-standing relationships that predate the adoption of online dating, while others are single but not actively looking for a romantic partner.

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