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The Ack Attack's fastest one-way speed was officially recorded at 634.217 km/h (394.084 mph).

This was the third time in four years the Ack Attack had broken the motorcycle land-speed record.

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The motorcycle streamliner is powered by two 1,299 cc (79.3 cu in) Suzuki Hayabusa engines, using a single Garrett turbocharger, intercooled with dry ice at 35 pounds per square inch (240 k Pa) boost, which produce more than 900 horsepower, and runs on Mickey Thompson tires.

Between 20, the TOP 1 Ack Attack and the BUB Seven streamliner have gone back and forth with the motorcycle land-speed record on five occasions.

While pursuing the land-speed record, the Ack Attack experienced a number of failed attempts, including runs which ended in spectacular crashes.

The first land-speed record for a motorcycle was unofficially set in the early 1900s by Glenn Curtiss in Yonkers, New York. Curtiss continued to push the limits of speed at the time, and by 1907 he had more than doubled his own record, setting a new mark of 136.27 mph. It was not until 1930, in Arpajon, France, that Curtiss's record was officially eclipsed when Joseph S. From the 1930s through the mid-1950s a number of motorcycle riders pushed their motorcycles to set new land-speed records at different locations (mostly in Europe).


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