Former hosts of the dating game

In short, think of his announcing on The Price Is Right, which is horrendous by itself, but actually on screen. The set was a complete departure from any form of Dating Game.


The Newlywed Game was hosted by former SNL Alum Gary Kroeger and featured a way different format than what the original shows had.

I'm still torn on how to go about that one because while the format was cohesive enough, the set nice, and the host was ok, it just wasn't The Newlywed Game we were accustomed to.

The landscape in Syndication in the mid 90s was one filled with Trashy Talk shows like Jenny Jones, Ricki Lake, Richard Bey, Sally Jesse Raphael and Jerry Springer.

It was also filled with opinionated shows like Dennis Prager & El Rushbo himself, Rush Limbaugh.

It was as if daytime TV was completely devoid of game shows.

However, in 1996 Columbia-Tristar decided to revive two classic shows in The Newlywed Game and The Dating Game.


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