Franciscodating com questions ask dating game show

Are you unsure if you're making good decisions about who, when, and how long to date someone?

) you'll ever find someone that you'd like to spend the rest of your life with?

And in that way, online dating or meeting new friends from social networking sites can be good. Many people that are on dating or other websites aren't honest. And there are some people that try to scam or even hurt others.

I am a licensed Marriage and Family therapist who's been in private practice for over 15 years.I've taught couple's workshops and have taken many seminars and read many books about love, relationships and marriage.Along with my training and research, my own marriage and family help me in my passion to help individuals as well as couples find happiness and security in life and love.I have evening and some weekend hours as well as day times available,and can do longer sessions (2-4 hours) by appointment.

I have a wealth of experience both personally and professionally with dating issues; I can help you. In the very first counseling session, we will look at your goals for dating.Are you just wanting to have fun, or is your ultimate desire to find "the one"? ) in dating or in a relationship, I can help you fine-tune that, too.


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