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"It’s very hard to tell if the Queen is unhappy with you.She hasn’t really cracked a smile since Diana died.” READ MORE: Stand-up star Frankie Boyle outraged fans by banning them from going to the lav during his act One risque quip that was broadcast referred to the monarch’s comments about a “rude” Chinese delegation this week.Some of the best players have been entertaining, yet extremely cunning, and able to maneuver their way to the finish line to claim the title of fans, they loathe the name, Frankie Grande.If you are like most, you want to like him and you try hard to tolerate his antics.Boyle branded her family “the products of centuries of incest” employed “to try to sell fridge magnets”.But the comedian, 43, seemed to cross the line as the audience gasped at a joke about last November’s Paris terrorist attacks.THE BBC have bleeped out stand-up star Frankie Boyle after he made a string of outrageous jokes about the Queen.


One gag centred on artist Dan Llywelyn Hall having a second go at painting the Queen after criticism for his previous effort.But Boyle raised convicted paedophile Rolf Harris’ 2005 portrait of Her Majesty, adding: “The Queen keeping Rolf Harris’s hands busy for a week is probably the best thing she’s ever done.” In another deleted joke, he scoffed after Prime Minister David Cameron branded foreign governments “fantastically corrupt” at a Buckingham Palace reception.Boyle said: “Even the Queen seemed to give him a look like ‘No’.Referring to London Mayor Sadiq Khan being accused of association with Islamist fundamentalists, he said: “If sharing a stage with extremists made you an extremist, the Eagles of Death Metal would be the most wanted men in the world.” He then admitted: “That probably won’t make the edit.” The Glasgow-born comedian is no stranger to controversy but has gained support for his outspoken views on human rights and the junior doctors pay dispute.

When Big Brother asks a player to return to the game, it usually indicates the houseguest is a well-rounded player, and they expect big excitement with their gameplay.After ten minutes of listening to his voice, and his shenanigans, you are likely screaming for it all to end.


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