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    did the number crunching and what does the data show?

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    It’s designed to help you choose your best pictures to put on your Ok Cupid profile, Facebook page, or whatever—sort of a more scientific (and more useful) Hot-Or-Not. My Best Face is very simple: you upload photos of yourself; you contribute a few votes to the system; and after enough other people have done likewise, you get a report about your photos. It looks like I have heretofore undiscovered fan in the Philippines. My favorite part of the report is the end, where it shows the other photos mine were matched up against and exactly which people chose my picture as the best. We’re not thinking it’s gonna be huge or anything, but we hope it might be useful to anyone looking to do for themselves what we do here on the blog: figure stuff out.

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    Over a period of several years he worked in the sector, he suggests that it was more and more disgusting, the more he saw. He also claimed that an average customer would leave thousands of NOK by renting a girl for hours.

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    You will likely find other like minded people in one of our many niche fantasy chat rooms 24 hours a day.

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    Querrochot (Régis Carnet), le journaliste local et enfin celle de sa maîtresse, finalement bien vivante !

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