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There are loads of independent companies that charge you per accomodation.

If there are just 2 of you, you could maybe rent an apartment, they often come with shared pools.

it would be easyer to look at the low cost air lines for cheap flights to where you wana go then on hotel sites and add them together or go to teletext holidays.

or if you dont wana book over the net go to indipendant travel agents{co-op is the big 1} not the 3 other big ones or the smaller 1s as they will have the teletext price but you will have the confindence booking through a agent.

I think it is disgusting that these companies to try to take advantage of people's situations. ) They normally have some good offers on their website, but if you can't see anything that suits, email them or call them with what your looking for and they should def find something for I agree, booking a holiday with flight and accom. Even a 2a 2c family ends up spending loads in surcharges, such as the children taking adults place and having to pay extra.

theres no perfect 2 adult 2 kids familys anymore lol well not for long anyway i went on holiday last year in this country and just got a caravan easier that way i cant go away this year as have a bubba due although my experience last year wasnt that great not to put you off lol dont try and book it as child goes free,and you can get cheeper hols.

Obviously this won't include food or facilities but worth looking into.

dont forget to trip advisor the hotel though,hope i have helped i am wanting to take my kids on holiday this year, hopefully corfu!

i am going to look out for a new friend and kids to go which would be brilliant, if not then i am looking about 900 for a wk for me and my 2 kids, which isnt too bad, i find first choice are the best to book with I;ve also found the best way to book is independently especailly given the age of your child..of cheap flights in June & July before peak holiday season.

We have just paid 167 each to fly to Turkey in august so if you go to Spain it should be even cheaper.

Last year we paid 125 a week for an apartment (for the apartment not per person).


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