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Lefkofsky’s track record, reflecting failures and successes, bears certain hallmarks: rapid revenue growth accompanied by big losses, a penchant to sell stock early on, and lawsuits filed by investors, lenders or customers who feel they have been wronged.Lefkofsky began his first venture, athletic-apparel maker Brandon Apparel, which he and Keywell bought after graduating law school together, in 1994.

if we get wacked [sic] on the ride down-who gives a shit… WE HAVE NOTHING TO LOSE…” This is a quote from the dot-com era.

Shareholders and others blamed the Starbelly deal, and a series of lawsuits ensued.

It was written in an email by the co-founder of a company called, which labeled itself a B2B provider — back when people greeted that phrase with a straight face.

It’s pretty much what you’d expect a novice executive to say back then, when it was all about money and not at all about creating something good.

But Groupon’s IPO has brought an uncomfortable spotlight onto Lefkofsky.

While some attention focuses on his ambitions as an investor in tech startups, others see a “spotty history” and draw parallels between the past and the present.


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    The Republic of China (ROC) replaced the last dynasty in 1912, and ruled the Chinese mainland until 1949, when it was defeated by the Communist Party of China in the Chinese Civil War.

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    Schist is a metamorphic rock that comes in almost infinite variety, but its main characteristic is hinted at in its name: schist comes from the ancient Greek for “split”.

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    Sheriff Bruce Mix said he remains undecided about seeking another term and Auditor-Recorder Judi Stevens said she is also uncertain.

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    I was used to the mostly homogenous population of Brazil. I also have American-born friends, but for some reasons my relationship with them is more work related.

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    Marlo Thomas and Alan Alda’s retelling of “Atalanta,” the ancient Greek myth about a fleet-footed princess who longs to travel the world before finding her prince, became the theme song of my life.

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    This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on library shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. [^] On the 3d of January, dy'd General Monk, Duke oi AU bemarle, who was High-Steward oi Hull: In which laft Dignity, he was fucceeded by the Lord Bellafis. Within the Church are decent Galleries, adorn' d with Scripture Sen- tences : The Pulpit and Communion Table ornamented with red Velvet, frmg'd about with Gold, ^-e. Here lieth the Body of Nicholas Bernard, who was interred the 13th Day of March, 1673-4. eldest Son of Henry Cholmeley, Knight, Grandfon oi Richard Clkolme Uy, Knight, and of the Right Honourable Catharine Clifford Daughter of Henry Earl of Cumberland, Great Grandfon of Roger Cholmeley, Knight, defcended of the antient Family of the Cholmeleys of Cholmeley in Cheshire ; a Man equally admirable as well for the Gracefulnefs of his Prefence and noble Mein, as for the nobler Endow- ments of his Mind : Who, after he had been many Years a Justice of the Peace, the King's Lieutenant, and of the Council to the Lord Prefident of the North under the most ferene Prin- ces Tames and Charles, at length de- voutly and meekly refign'd his Spirit to God the 23d Day of September, 1631. By Su- sanna his first Wife, Daughter of John Ledgard, Efh ; he left Hugh C/iolmeley, Knight, zxi^Henry Cholnwley and Ric Juird Clwlmeley, Kt. George Trotter gave to the Church 3 Silver Salvers. The Words, in the Mbnastieon, are these : Fietura v Ureaqua est in Claustro de Streneshale, monstrat Scotos, qui propejines An^lorvim habitant, fuisse vel ad Gulielmi nothi tempora antropophagos, ^ Kane immanitatem a Gulielmi gla^ fuisse punitam. I%e Originals, in my Custody, are in the Shape of Snakes in their natural Coil : Some of a Chlden Colour repre* senting Adders; others more blue like Snakes, circling four or Jive times about. T Observe, that, in the Preface to your History of Rippon^ Page ix, x.

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