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They then issued Velazquez a ticket for not having the proper lighting on his bicycle.

Velazquez was brought to the hospital by his sister where he received multiple stitches and was diagnosed with a concussion.

“You have additional people coming to the scene, and you are in fear,” Detective Steve Berry, with the Mesa Police Department said in regards to this innocent man using the phone.

“Who might be armed, and showing up to assist.” Since these officers ‘feared’ a phone call, they proceeded to assault Velazquez.

But can we really come to the conclusion that Velazquez would have ‘moved on for the evening’ if he would not have called his sister?

“I had a feeling that with these two officers something bad was going to happen; that’s why I called my sister.” Unfortunately, his feeling of something bad happening came true when officers attacked him for making this call.

Police claim that they feared for their lives when Velazquez told them that he was calling his sister, so they had no other choice but the escalate the situation to violence and beat an innocent man.

While he was detained, he simply pulled out his phone and called his sister out of concern that something bad was about to happen.“I’m thinking about my own safety,” Velazquez said.


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