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Glancing out the window he could see a massive tractor-trailer heading directly towards the house. Seconds later the truck sped past the window, clipped the neighbour’s car, and plowed right through the garage before coming to rest in two deep ruts torn into the soft earth of the backyard.Snapping to attention, Bruce grabbed his wife and grandson and rushed them out of the house and as far from the truck as possible.“I didn’t know if the truck would burst into flames,” he recalls.After a few minutes he ran to the back of the house to check on the driver.It wasn’t until nightfall that a 60-ton crane finally lifted the massive truck out of the back yard and onto a flatbed tow truck.Pete and Allison (whose names we’ve changed to protect their privacy) finally made it home later that day—it turned out Allison had gone into false labour. They had an insurance policy and always made regular payments. Pete’s initial call to his insurance company left him feeling at ease.Their very pregnant daughter Allison had gone into labour and she and Pete needed someone to look after their sleeping first-born son, Trenton.Bruce and Marilyn were happy to oblige and quickly drove the 15 km from Acton to Georgetown to see their daughter off to the hospital.


On the way back, Bruce decided to pick up some Egg Mc Muffins as a breakfast surprise for his grandson.He was just unpacking the still-steaming sandwiches when he heard a thunderous noise.


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    Like the previous buildings used by OMHS, the new building will not accommodate dogs awaiting adoption at this time.

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    Replacing electrical wiring is part of making an old house safer, more modern and more livable.

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