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Bantleman's family and supporters have been outspoken critics of the judicial process throughout the trial and had on several ocassions appealed to the Canadian government for assistance.

According to reports from The Sydney Morning Herald, which has been covering the case, Bantleman indicated he will file an appeal.

It took several hours for the panel of judges to read the verdict, the final act in a months-long trial closely watched in Canada and often criticized by his supporters.

Condemnation of the decision was swift from family and Bantleman's legal counsel.

Former Calgary teacher Neil Bantleman has been found guilty of sexually assaulting three young students in Jakarta, Indonesia.

"Neil and Ferdi (Tjong) are extremely disappointed and completely astounded with the panel of judges’ verdict.

They did not think that the panel of judges’ verdict would have this outcome, given the lack of evidence presented by the prosecutor.


One of the children who accused Bantleman of sexually abusing him at the school made a statement to police recalling the man conjuring a "magic stone," which he used as an anesthetic to assault him, according to Bantleman's wife, Tracy.

More recently, participants in the trial were ordered to cease speaking about the case to the media, an Indonesian trial judge ruled.


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