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The CP-8 is an ultra-high end pre/pro capable of processing and passing along up to 7.1 discrete channels of audio to the MC-8, which can drive a 2 ohm load with a staggering 1000 watts of power.

While most Canadian A/V manufacturers can’t compete on a quantity level with their Japanese counterparts, our country is home to several companies who regularly turn out products near or at the top of their class in terms of quality, workmanship and reliability.

Whether it’s an amp from Bryston or a set of speakers from Athena Technologies, Canadian made gear occupies many spots in the racks and homes of A/V enthusiasts around the world.

Best known for their exquisite amplifiers, Bryston has offerings ranging from the simple 2×100 watt 2B-SST (MSRP 50) right up to the monstrous 28B SST (MSRP 00), which measures over 8 inches tall and is capable of cranking out over 1000 watts of power.

Bryston also manufactures D/A converters, CD players, crossovers, and other assorted processors, including pre-amplifiers and phono amplifiers.


Simaudio is another company best known for their amplifiers, having turned out such classics over the years as the PW 3000, an affordable integrated amp (a power amplifier with an onboard preamp) that performed considerably above its modest price tag and was feted by the Canadian press at the time.In business since 1980 and based just outside of Montreal, Simaudio’s current flagship line is the Moon Evolution Series, with the CP-8 pre/pro and the MC-8 power amplifier leading the charge.


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