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African animals are distributed throughout the continent’s deserts, rain forests, savannahs, valleys and mountains.Explore’s African Animals webcams are located in the highlands of Kenya at the Mpala Research Centre.


Although many African countries have created national parks or wildlife conservation areas, African animals continue to be targeted by poachers.Many of the animals in Africa that are killed by poachers are elephants, whose ivory tusks are sold on the black market.View the live weather and surfing conditions by viewing this Sal Island Surfing Beach Weather webcam in the Cape Verde area of Western Africa São Vicente Live Mindelo Harbour Weather Webcam Cape Verde, Mindelo Port Cam - Sao Vicente - Cape Verde - This live Cape Verde weather web cam is on the Island of Sao Vicente overlooking the Mindelo Harbour area at Cape Verde.African Animal Facts Africa is home to some of the most diverse wildlife on Earth; there are more than one million species of animals on this continent of 11 million square miles.

Check out the best operating live streaming video cameras operating in Africa on our populat streaming webcams portal for African streaming cams.Watch live streaming cams all over Africa on our African live streaming webcams portal If you operate a live streaming camera in Africa - promote and market your live streaming video camera on the number one African live video streaming cameras directory - HERELive Streaming Tembe African Safari Elephant Webcam, South Africa, Tembe, South Africa Check out the latest Elephant Action from the Tembe Elephant Park in South Africa with this Live Streaming Elephant Safari Live Streaming Webcam Mount Sinai 360 Degree Night Time Cam Views, Egypt , Mount Sinai - Egypt Check out the amazing night time 360 degree views from the top of Mount Sinai in Egypt with this spectacular 360 degree cam view.


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