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Most teen pregnancies causes both involved to take up low paying jobs, drop out of school, and continue to become more and more stressed from then on.[tags: Social Issues Teen Pregnancy] - In 2008, teen pregnancy and childbirth accounted for nearly billion per year in costs to United States taxpayers for increased health care and foster care(CDC).Many objects in the media that involve sex target teens.Reality TV shows and teen dramas often portray the "cool kids" as the ones who are having sex (Chandra).With teens becoming parents at such a young age, there many risks for themselves, their children and the economy.This is a hotly discussed issue all around our country.More teens are now getting pregnant than ever before.

Even the majority of teen flicks use the modelesque young actresses.[tags: Teenage Pregnancy, Juno, ] - Contents 1.0 Proposed Title of Research 2 1.1 Introduction 2 1.2 Statement of Problem and Justification 3 1.3 Aim of Research 3 1.4 Objectives of Research 3 1.5 Research Questions 4 2.0 Research Methodology 5 2.1 Introduction 5 2.2 Research Philosophy 5 2.3 Study Design 6 2.4 Research Method 7 2.5 Research Approach 7 2.6 The Time frame and Work Schedule of Research 8 2.7 Sources of Data 9 2.8 Facility and Personnel needed 10 3.0 Literature Review 11 3.1 Introduction 11 3.2 High rate of Teenage Pregnancy in UK 11 3.3 Negative outcomes of Teenage Pregnancy 12 3.4 Conclusion 13 References 14 1.0 Proposed Title of Research Exploring the Causes of Teenage Pregnancy in the UK 1.1 Intr...Teen pregnancy is one of the most difficult issues that teens and their families face today.In television adverts the women are bright smiled, big haired and flawless.

[tags: Teenage Pregnancy in the UK] - Teenage Pregnancy: It Can Be Prevented According to the Students Against Destructive Decisions website there are more than 750,000 teen pregnancies a year.

You open up a magazine and see images of perfect, airbrushed, stick thin women.


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